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The Michelini Family

Emo Michelini was born in Rovereto, Northern Italy in 1924.

In 1949, Emo, his wife and young son packed their worldly possessions and boarded the “Sorrento” on its maiden voyage from Genova to Sydney.
During the family’s two years in Sydney, Emo’s uncle was living in Myrtleford and doing well in the tobacco industry. According to him, there was much money to be made by those who were prepared to work hard. Tobacco was a lucrative business, for hard working Italian immigrants.
Lured by the temptation of life back on the land, Emo moved his family to Myrtleford.

To Emo, tobacco was a job whereas viticulture was in his blood! He was born and raised in the wine industry back home in Italy and it was in this that his true love lay. In 1982, Emo made the transition into grape growing and in doing so, he pioneered viticulture in the region, becoming the first grape grower in the Bright shire. Ilario & Dino, Emo’s sons planted their first vines on thirty acres in 1982, establishing what was to become one of the largest vineyards in the region.

Emo will be remembered for his great achievements in life, his character and wonderful sense of humour. His legacy lives on through his sons Ilario & Dino.

Inspired by their father both Ilario & Dino pursued their passion to develop skills in Viticulture and one day work on the family vineyards in the Buckland Valley.

Dedication and commitment from helping to plant the original foundation grapes in 1982 and subsequent vineyard extensions in recent times keep Ilario & Dino challenged. To keep Michelini Wines evolving and contemporary, they have made way for exciting Italian varietals under new acreage such as Vermentino, Prosecco, Arneis and Nebbiolo – all of which have seen dramatic interest and customer demand. With this positive shift in market demand and bold decision making comes a rediscovered passion for the family business, Michelini Wines.

It was their father Emo that said, "…one day we will go on to have our own Winery and our own Cellar Door". That ambition didn't just stop at his father’s words. Ilario & Dino went on to put Emo’s love, passion and joy into what is now today, the Michelini Vineyards, Winery and Cellar Door.

Matt Kilby - Winemaker

Michelini Wines Winemaker Matt Kilby comes with well over a decade of experience in the wine industry. Fresh out of high school, Matts first job was in liquor retail and it is there that the love affair with wine began. Years exploring the classic varieties and iconic Australian regions laid the foundation for a passion for wine that never really let go.

Matt is a firm believer in wines that ‘tell a story’ -

“The concept of terroir is that whatever inputs go into making wine are ultimately borne out in the final product. Everything from the formation of the land in which the fruit is grown through to the individual season and the influence of the winemaker can be seen in a glass of wine.”

With Matt’s expert guidance, the Michelini family’s Buckland Valley vineyards and winemaking traditions of some 150 years provide a heritage that will continue to be honored under the Michelini label.

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