The Devils Creek brand was launched in March 2003, starting off initially with the famous Merlot and later adding different varietals to the range. Today we now offer Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Field Blend in the Devils Creek brand.

These wines have some sweetness providing softness on the palate, and are becoming a very popular brand to buy, due to the quality and diversity of the range and of course it’s very reasonable price.

History of Devils Creek:

Devil’s Creek runs along the base of Mount Buffalo in Victorias High Country. Back in the 19th century the Buckland Valley was home to several thousand gold miners hoping to strike it rich. Both the Buckland River and Devils Creek were rich in alluvial gold and was dredged extensivly. Devils Creek name itself came from it being famous for disappearing underground for long periods and welling up again in plentiful rainfall. This exasperated locals to liken it to the devil himself.

Today Devils Creek is an essential water supply for our Buckland Valley Vineyard.


The Devil’s Creek Vineyard, is situated in the magnificent Buckland Valley, on the Buckland Valley Road, near Bright in North East Victoria.